For a gourmet experience!

Our smokehouses made from old oak barrels are a real gastronomic gem?
Engage everyone in both - appearance and taste of the food.
They catch everyone’s attention – by their appearance and the taste of smoked food.
You'll always be in the center of attention!
You’ll be everyone’s new best friend.


Benefits of steam smoking

Smoking in hot smoke

Smoking in hot smoke

Meat is smoked for several hours - depending on the type of meat.
Per our own testing, 40 pieces of Trouts (1 dose ) are ready to eat in 60 minutes.
While smoking, it is necessary to maintain a suitable temperature in the smoking room.
Our smokehouse eliminates long preparation of meat (salting and marinating).
Possibility of cold smoke smoking as well.

Steam smoking

Steam smoking

Benefits: quick preparation
Without water loss - the meat does not dry
Meat stays juicy (specific taste)
A unique way to prepare your own delicious and juicy sausage accurately suited your needs and imagination.
Easy to operate with professional result!


Benefits of smokehouse

Benefits of smokehouse

Simple handling and operation easy to transport
Ability to serve a large number of guests in short time
A wide range of use in catering
Food smoking, food warming
Temperature stability in the smokehouse

How does it work


Stainless steel lid with a chimney and a wooden handle. Thanks to the wooden handle you do not have to be afraid of burning during the lid lifting. When lifting the lid still remains a part of the smokehouse.

Stainless steel lid

Stainless steel lid

Grill consists of individual stainless steel rods. After use it is easy to remove them and wash (in dishwasher as well). Grill construction is strong and stable and allows to hold the weight of the meat.

Grill consists

Grill consists

Stainless steel basket is a great option for smoking of small pieces and warming the food. E.g. sausages, cheese and seafood. It is lightweight, perforated, made of quality material. Can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher.

Stainless steel basket

Stainless steel basket

We advise, deliver, train


Our smokehouses are multifunctional.

They allow smoking as well as warming food.

They offer a wide range of use at home and in professional catering as well.


We started with the development of steam smokehouses in 2011.
Over the years we have managed to tweak it to the perfection of functionality and appearance.
We have tested it on many occasions such as birthday parties, summer parties also in the exhibitions.
From our own experience we can confirm that our smokehouses attract the attention of many people.

Bonus for you

With our steam smokehouse you will be the star of every garden party!

Other products

China Box

Another our novelty is a china box.
Small pig can be cooked within 3 hours. The meat is deliciously juicy. Just before cooking, rub some seasoning mixture into the meat. China box eliminates the long preparation of meat and tedious spinning.
We tried it out at summer birthday parties, corporate parties, and everywhere we heard just praise and enthusiasm from our customers (excellent taste and almost "jobless")

Tables from barrels

When you eat and drink, you have to have something to lean on and a place where to put tools. Our fixed tables - tables from barrels - fit those needs.

1. Table legs are made of stainless steel and the table top is a barrel lid. They are very solid, stable and beautiful. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. On the barrel is fitted wooden lid.

Flowerpots from barrels

Small but important decorations are flowers.

Flower decorations accompany us at every major event. When flowers are planted in these pots, you make the perfection decoration of your event.

They are made with care for flowers to flourish and they are a beautiful complement to our smokehouse.


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